MOM + Ramadan

MOM + Ramadan

All it took was a cup of coffee at 11pm to finally give me the energy to write this! I don't know about you all but for whatever reason Ramadan has me drained this year. I am attempting to make it as productive and memorable as possible, especially for my little ones! I'm going to simply list a few activities I've implemented this year including some I plan on doing iA and then I'll follow it up with how I have really been feeling lately.

My little ones are 4 (boy) and 2 (girl) 

Here are some things we initiated during Ramadan

  • Decorating! I always decorate as part of the ritual during Ramadan or before Eid! I think it's so important to make your home look festive and joyful! There are plenty of shops on esty that have a unique variety of Ramadan decor. I also purchased a beautiful wreath this year from @islamiccelebrations a local business in Dearborn. 

  • Reading! Reading is hugeeeeeee I can't express it enough. It's crucial to allow your children to comprehend the meaning of Ramadan and build a foundation for the love of Allah swt and the Prophet PBUH during this blessed month. Last year I purchased over 5 books related to Islam/Ramadan some include: Ilyas and Duck, Curious George, My first Ramadan, and more!

  • Planting! I purchased beefsteak tomatoes and sweet peppers as I was told they're fairly easy to grow and maintain. I explained the importance of Allah's creations, they learned responsibility (they need to water the plant everyday), and I've even included some science education (what plants need to grow and how important they are to our survival). 
  • Visiting the sick. Alhamdulilah I feel so fortunate to have some amazing friends/mommies in my playdate group. We donated 50 presents and decorated cards for the local hospital's pediatric unit. Although most of the kids didn't sit for too long, it was fun with many lessons to be learned!

  • Cooking/baking! Although we haven't gotten around to it I plan on baking cookies and allowing them to get more involved with cooking
  • Bake sale! Last year we made a bake sale for the end hunger in America campaign through a Muslim organization (I forget which one). IA this year I plan on doing the same thing and I highly encourage you all to do so too. It's important to teach our children that we have a responsibility to our communities and even more so for the sake of spreading goodness and love and making dawah. It's times like these where we truly need to make more efforts to get involved and give a helping hand, which brings me to my next and final suggestion.
  • Soup kitchen/volunteering! Unfortunately my children are probably too young for this one but iA I plan on making it a tradition to visit a soup kitchen especially during Ramadan and consistently throughout the year in shaa Allah! 
  • Other idea: These gingerbread Masjids can be ordered :) 



When reflecting on this, I have even surprised myself a bit, because most the time I feel really lousy and unproductive. Seriously is it just me? :( ... I'm tired, a bit cranky, which leaves me impatient and unwilling to fulfill my goal of having the perfect Ramadan, one that my kids can look forward to every year. I complain way more than I should, yell more than I have to and sleep for far too long (although I usually am not this exhausted during Ramadan) I struggle to lift myself spiritually because I'm too obsessed with worldly things. My sink never seems to stay empty, the laundry piles just as much as it did even when we were exercising, the crumbs are endless, and my kids are always hungry 🤔 lol Alhamdulilah for everything but I will pass on craving life to be like an instagram post. For those who have it all under control and are managing just fine, I'm truly happy for you Alhamdulilah MashaaAllah ❤️ but I think I speak for the majority when I say it's never as easy as it seems. Good luck moms! Stay smiling, have Sabr may Allah swt accept your righteous acts and may we all live to see another Ramadan. 


Comment below if you have any ideas or comments :)