Frequently Asked Questions:


Order status and shipping questions


1.   I did not receive a confirmation via PayPal after ordering, what should I do?

  • If you did not receive an email confirmation stating your order was completed then please call us or email us at 

2.   How can I track my order after I make my purchase?

  • You will not receive shipping confirmation until the package is shipped. Once it is shipped a tracking number will be sent to you at the email address you provide via PayPal.

3.  How do I exchange my order?

  • Simply ship it back to the address provided on our support page under shipping info with a check or money order of $7.20 to compensate for the return shipping cost. You may also send payment to via Paypal. 

4. I received my order, but one item was missing; I received my order but it was defected; I received my order but it was not the correct item, what should I do?

  • In the extreme unlikelihood that there is something wrong with your order please contact us immediately by phone or email. After the two week window no exchange or refund will be considered. 

5.  How do I cancel/modify my order after it was processed?

  • Once the order is processed it cannot be modified. Please call us immediately. Once your order is shipped there is nothing further we can do.

6.  I ordered something within the last 7 days that is now on sale, will you honor the sale price? 

  • Yes, absolutely we can honor the sale, simply contact us via email or phone, and we will refund you the difference. 
7. My tracking number states that my item has been delivered, however I have not received anything, what should I do? 
  • We highly advise you investigate within your own household before contacting us concerning a missing package. It is important to inform all household members of your situation, in our experience another family member failed to inform the customer that the package was received. 
  • If that step is taken and still no package, simply contact your local USPS. After a package is shipped Diamonds in the Rough Fashion is no longer responsible. 

Product Questions


1.  Are all products the same size or fit?

  • No, each item has its own distinct size chart. Please be sure to compare measurements before placing your order.

 2.  If something is out of stock when will it be available again?

  • If an item is no longer available in your size or is completely out of stock, check for a restock date. Each item will state when it will be restocked in the description portion, if there is no information available, there still may be a chance it will be restocked email us at so that we may keep track of demand.  

3. What is the 5% variance?

  • The 5% variance for color means that the color may look slightly lighter or darker than it appears in the photo. Outdoor lighting will allow products to appear brighter in color. If you are hesitant about a purchase please feel free to contact us for further details and specifications. 
  • The 5% variance is also towards sizing; although extremely rare an item may be 1/2 inch off the size chart. If it is an inch or more please contact us.