D.I.R. Fashion was established in 2013. The brand was initiated by two friends who shared the same vision for their fashion line. We both share the love of fashion and modesty.  

Not only are we determined to create convenient modest wear, we aim to provide these styles at affordable prices, all while donating a consistent amount to charity (read below if you're interested in learning more about our charity). As much as we love fashion and express our own unique styles it's important that our designs are geared towards the customers desire. Each piece is made versatile to accommodate various levels of modesty and different types of fashion style. We may add a tie, or elastic waistband for each individual to modify the fit to their liking. We have grown tremendously over time. Everything from our fabric quality to the little details of buttons have been improved through trial and error. We are so honored and blessed to be catering to women searching for modest styles across the globe! We have shipped to over 20 countries outside the U.S.A. and we are continuing to grow. Regardless of what is to come our values will always remain and define who we are as a company. We hope to continue to grow in order to provide exclusive, beautiful, products and outstanding customer service with a deep appreciation to every single one of our customers.

What does D.I.R. stand for? Diamonds in the Rough. In a nutshell, we believe that every woman is beautiful, bold, and brilliant. We promote modest fashion in order to spotlight the value of our minds. 


Charity is a major part of our company. We take great pleasure in giving back at least 25% of our profits. In the past we have been able to provide food, water, clothing and other necessities for those less fortunate. It is our mission to make an impact during our short time in this world. We are currently assisting in sponsorship of an orphanage in Ghana and continuing to support other causes both nationally and internationally.

Overtime, we hope to continue to provide a means to help those less fortunate especially orphans. We urge you to please make your pure intention when you shop with us, this mission cannot be achieved without your help.  Your ongoing support is essential to the success of this business and our personal goal. <3 We appreciate each and everyone of you and we hope we are all rewarded equally.